Letter: Great pride at Dickensian Festival

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I write regarding the excellence and great enjoyment of the Dickensian Festival.

It was absolutely great and I took great pride in being in with the festival and enjoying every moment of it.

I always enjoy both the old town’s summer and Dickensian festivals when they come up in the Old Town of Bridlington every year, and it is also such a great pleasure to enjoy the musical entertainment as well as everything else.

It is a crying shame that the bad forecast of rain happened, but it is more of a deep hard luck to the bad weather as it thought it was to put the dampers on the Dickensian festival and deter such an enjoyable day for everyone.

It was also very nice to have been invited to play my own guitar to provide musical entertainment for the Dickensian festival this year.

I should like to seriously consider providing both the Dickensian and summer festivals entertainment of my own for many people near and far to come along and enjoy in the foreseeable future, now that I have done so on Sunday with my own Spanish guitar.

Apart from that, it was indeed excellent and loads of people near and far had all come to enjoy themselves despite the foul weather which stood no chance in trying to ruin it for everyone.

Julian Priestley

High Street,