Letter: Dad's photo brings back memories

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Email your letters to: newsdesk@bridlingtonfreepress.co.uk

It was great to see a picture of my father Dennis Jeffery on page 31 (bottom right) of the Nostalgia page last week.

It is nearly a year ago that he died at the grand age of 92. My dad joined the St John’s Ambulance shortly after retiring from the Malting Factory.

He attended most of the big events in Bridlington , the carnival, Sewerby Festival and many pop concerts at The Bridlington Spa.

I know the trophy was given to him to reflect his dedication and commitment in one year.

Although I cannot recall the date or name the other people in the photo.

Many thanks for reprinting this photo, it brought many happy family memories back, especially for me as I was used as a dummy to practice all the bandage techniques!

Alan Jeffery