Letter: Councillors favoured the 'big guys'

Councillors favoured the 'big guys'
Councillors favoured the 'big guys'

I applaud Jenny Gardner's letter in the Free Press.

She put very clearly the behaviour of the North Yorkshire councillors when they ignored 4,000 protesting letters and decided in favour of the ‘big guys’.

I heard (in a brief TV interview) that many of the 4,000 protests were not considered seriously as they were what we call ‘form letters’, using a template. Well, excuse me, but not everyone has the luxury of taking time to personally compose a serious letter; or perhaps they do not have the facility with words to write accurately on this topic. But that is not what makes you a grown up responsible citizen! No, in this country, responsible citizens stand up for their democratic rights.

I don’t think the above figures can be repeated often enough as it is surely proof of the undemocratic decisions being made in various parts of the country.

I feel so angry, as one of those 4,000 who wrote a proper protest letter and received acknowledgement, that our views have been so casually disregarded.

Barbara Atherton

St James Road, Bridlington