Letter: Corbyn not the new Marxist Messiah

Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Sheffield last month
Jeremy Corbyn speaking in Sheffield last month

I write in response to Don Laing’s comments (Free Press, October 8) regarding the recent surge of membership to the Labour Party. Anarchists, activists, atheists and all those other unsavoury anti-establishment groups that lurk beneath the cloak of wider socialism recognise Jeremy Corbyn as one of their own, and were never likely to pass over the opportunity to see him elected.

As for his popularity with the young; we can excuse their naivety, after all, they are not old enough to remember the misery of the three day week, those endless strikes, power cuts, empty shop shelves, uncollected rubbish on the streets, and hospital surgeons restricted from carrying out all but the most urgent of operations in case the back-up generators failed.

Militant trade unionism, fraternizing with terrorists, soft on crime, debunking British institutions, throwing endless tax payer’s money at completely failed industries, nationalisation, open ended immigration; all part of the socialist ideology Corbyn endorsed back in the mid 70s and it is anything but new. It had nothing to do with workers’ rights back then, and it has nothing to do with rights and inequality now. It was always about unaccountable, unelected and all powerful trade union moguls, supported by leftist sympathisers like Corbyn, deploying their mandatory (via the closed shop system) economic muscle by the thousands to undermine a government that had been democratically elected by MILLIONS!

Corbyn isn’t some new Marxist messiah come to liberate the oppressed from the inequalities of a capitalist society; he is just another in a long line of anti-establishment, unpatriotic socialists with a PERSONAL axe to grind.

Andrew Clarke

Quay Road