Letter: Conflicting details on police services

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Email your letters to: newsdesk@bridlingtonfreepress.co.uk

What contrasting reports we have had regarding Humberside Police.

In this week’s Free Press we have a report informing us that Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter tells us that as a result of promises he made during his election campaign in May, the number of police officers in Bridlington is set to rise after the force announced plans to recruit new staff.

In last week’s Free Press we had a complete contrast with the report telling us the custody suite could close at Bridlington Police Station.

The closure of police stations’ custody suites – also the closure of police stations – are already taking effect across the country.

These closures are the result of austerity measures made by the 2010-15 Coalition Government, that are still being implemented by the present government.

This week’s Free Press tells us that Humberside Police will employ 17 new police constables across four areas of the highest demands.

To the general public this might sounds like good news, but I don’t think it does.

This drip-feed method of introducing 51 new police officers across four areas over the next five years will make no difference.

It’s a sad fact that Humberside Police told us in September 2014 that 700 jobs will go as part of a plan to save £31 million by 2019.

I feel this report of more police officers for Bridlington is a bit of a red herring, and is attempting to divert attention from the main issue of the fact that 700 jobs have to go in Humberside Police by 2019.

Ernie Mackenzie

Gammons Lane, Watford