Letter: Car troubles at Bridlington Post Office site

Sandsacre Post Office
Sandsacre Post Office

The Post Office is set to open a revitalised main branch.

This is situated on Marton Road, which happens to be one of the busiest roads in Bridlington.

Actual parking on the Post Office site is minimal, and when the adjoining fish and chip shop is open it is virtually impossible to park.

Of course with Marton Road being a major road parking on it is prohibited.

The Post Office I have used until three months ago when it was closed with out any explanation from the Post Office management.

Sandsacre Post Office on Wheatley Drive off Martongate has adequate parking facilities for people who need transport to get themselves around.

Do Post Office management ever leave their offices and actually access the areas where their Post Offices are needed?

Colin Cawthray

Stowe Garth, Bridlington