Letter: Car park needed for the shoppers

A car park is needed for shoppers.
A car park is needed for shoppers.

It is hard to believe that the council are even considering selling off Beaconsfield car park. This car park is so well used, it must be of benefit to the shops in the town. Shoppers need somewhere to park, which is close to the town centre for longer than an hour. Lack of parking space is a major problem during the summer season.

Where are all the users of the new Leisure Centre going to park ? This building will have to be paid for, and people won’t be able to use it if they can’t find anywhere to park. I know that a certain amount of parking will be available on site, but not enough to cope.

I would strongly urge the council not to part with this car park, at least until after the new leisure facility is open and running, as it may prove to be invaluable, and once it has gone there will be no getting it back.

The proposed hotel would be better placed on Hilderthorpe Road, which is actually closer to the Spa.

More and more local people are already travelling to Driffield for their shopping. Easy free parking, close to town makes this an attractive option.I feel that the council should be duty bound to provide plenty of parking for local shoppers, considering the high rates they place on the shop owners.

Not to mention all the small hotels and guest house owners, also paying high rates, that rely on this facility for their customers

If this car park closes, it is bound to result in closed businesses in Bridlington.

Margaret Brown

Sheeprake Lane