Letter: Brid needs more work

Bridlington being announced as the second cheapest place in Britain to holiday rental is not something we should celebrate.

In my opinion it just shows how much work still needs to be done in this town.

Yes, things are slowly being done and hopefully they will continue, but in my opinion when we are nowhere near the bottom of the list of cheapest places to holiday in Britain, then that will mean Bridlington will be a much better and attractive place to take a holiday.

Have a walk around this town in the two weeks before Christmas and you will see how much still needs to be done in the town as the streets will be deserted because most of the residents will have had to travel to Scarborough and Hull to do the Christmas shopping due to the complete lack of shops in the town.

Oh and by the way, I also think that just because the harbour commissioners have agreed to have the occasional chat with the council about a marina it does not mean that the boat owners can start booking spots in a new top of the range facility – we all know the history of that subject.

Saying all that, well done to the council for what is being done at the moment – but let’s up the momentum now and get this town away from being the second cheapest place in Britain to holiday.

Gary Donald

Cardigan Road, Bridlington