Letter: Brid harbour kept afloat by fishing

Bridlington's successful fishing industry has kept the harbour afloat.
Bridlington's successful fishing industry has kept the harbour afloat.

When I express my opinion on any issue (which I think is just still legal in this country of ours) I also listen to a counter argument or point of view.

I adjust my position if I think I am mistaken and regarding my original letter a fortnight ago on the harbour marina, I stand by every single word.

As a locally-born resident of Bridlington running a family business, established for 217 years, I obviously wish the town to prosper. I am totally behind the proposed new plan for the smaller marina and vastly improved harbour facilities for the commercial businesses. In my role as a councillor ERYC I will support all efforts to achieve that aim.

I have no bias at all against the leisure craft owners of the harbour or the future marina, many of them are my friends. The point totally missed by Mr Smith, is that any successful business of whatever nature, needs to prioritise its service to its major financial benefactor – that is not to say it discriminates against other users of its service. The harbour has been administered by local unpaid knowledgeable individuals for well over a century. It has been kept financially afloat by the successful fishing and shellfish industry for the last 50 years.

They pay for the greatest share by far, for its maintenance and functioning. The harbour or new marina will never cover its running costs without the commercial sector. The

Commissioners are a fine body of people often maligned and criticised by very ignorant people, both in manner and knowledge. They need congratulating for successfully running a very tight ship and preserving the finest asset on this coast, both north and south for many miles. They do so at a cost to themselves, giving up their time from their businesses and have (as far as I know), never asked for a penny from the rate payers. Should the council ever gain control of the harbour and future marina, they would be subject to the identical cut backs being applied to all council service,s with devastating results for the users of the harbour.

The enormous cost of the two enquiries both to the Council and the Commissioners was unavoidable, as both parties were called to give evidence to the inspectorate and had to be represented by expensive barristers for a very long time. This combined cost was well over two million pounds and the Council emphatically lost both cases in its attempt to compulsory purchase the Harbour Estate.

This cost was paid for by the hard working users of the Harbour, on the one hand and the rate payers on the other. Unbelievable. The proposed marina and improved harbour facilities will cost £100 million (my own average estimate based on the lower and higher costing predictions). This will be an absolute minimum and it is my honest opinion, we will not be given it.

Finally I am proud of the public service that I have given to my home town over the last 40 years.

Cllr David Robson

Brid South Ward ERYC