Letter: Befrienders group lands top award

East Yorkshire Befrienders Group receives top award.
East Yorkshire Befrienders Group receives top award.

We thought people would be interested that the East Yorkshire Befrienders Group were up for The People’s Award ‘Aiming High’ in the Alzheimer’s Society.

This was held on April 7 at St James Palace in London.

Four people travelled to London, the manager, our brother with his befriender and one other member.

Richard Madeley was compere and Princess Alexander presented the awards.

To their surprise, as they had only been going for three years, East Yorkshire won and the manager collected the signed paperweight.

Afterwards all the winning groups were invited to meet Princess Alexander and later they collected their own personal small paperweights.

Thank you East Yorkshire Befrienders for all you do. We are very grateful for your help with our brother. This is a highlight of his life.

Anne Brown and

Margaret Bradley

Queensgate, Bridlington