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Your Say

Letter: Gypsey Race Park project funded by taxpayers

Re the article last week regarding European Funding for Gypsey Race Park Phase 2:
Young people are struggling to get a foot on the ladder of the housing market.

Letter: Housing market is a struggle for young couples

Headlines of ‘Boom Town’ on front page of the Free Press might be good news for estate agents and for folk who want to sell their properties.
A better strategy is needed to clean up beach litter after big events.

Letter: Beach litter - better strategy is needed

Last Sunday, after an organised beach football event down at Pits Wall End on the Saturday, which brought in around 750-1,000 beach goers to this area of the beach - of which Bridlington Council must have been aware of such a sizeable event – why didn’t the council make adequate provision to prevent the litter disaster?
Coach park remains empty.

Letter: Empty coach park is ideal for travellers?

We walked down Limekiln Lane on Saturday, May 26, and could not walk past the new coach park without taking a picture.
Cuts to transport and health services are causing anxiety among elderly residents.

Letter: An erosion of our basic facilities

The recent cut in bus services within Bridlington and surrounding areas is causing many elderly people much distress. I have recently had a letter from Sir Greg Knight MP informing me that legislation has been amended to protect the free bus travel scheme for years to come and have removed the need for it to be reviewed every five years.
Councillors respond to residents' concerns about the state of the verges along Cardigan Road.

Letter: Quick action taken to restore verges

I would like to express appreciation to Cllr Cyril Marsburg and Cllr Shelagh Finlay for responding quickly to the concerns of residents on Cardigan Road.
Marton Road is not on the route of a 'local' bus service.

Letters: New bus service is inadequate

Further to my letter (Free Press, May 5) with regard to the EYMS local bus changes, no-one has yet answered the big question - ‘Which ‘local’ buses now serve the Post Office and shops on Marton Road?’ My answer therefore is none.
Patients face the long journey to Scarborough Hospital since the closure of some departments at Bridlington.

Letter: We deserve a fully functional hospital

With the town trying to build its image from the time warp of the 1970s, East Riding of Yorkshire has so far spent about £20 million on rebuilding the Spa and Leisure World and a brand new hotel, which they seem to ignore the most obvious item every town the size of Bridlington requires. A regular and operational hospital.
Funds must be available to maintain the seafront.

Letter: Maintenance must factor into budget

Re proposed Bridlington seafront ‘facelift’.
Reader Alan Cox suggests a north circular route service to include Bempton and Buckton.

Letter: A new bus route suggestion

I have always avoided criticising other people’s decisions unless I can suggest a possible alternative, but re the new bus service, or lack of service, to Buckton and Bempton – a service I have used in the past on Tuesdays.
Bridlington Hospital.

Letter: Brid Hospital team a credit to the NHS

We moved to Bridlington from ‘down south’ 16 months ago. We were a bit perturbed about the negative aspects regarding Bridlington Hospital, ie ward closures etc.
The elderly could struggle with the new bus changes.

Letter: Elderly will struggle with bus changes

Re New bus changes: Yes they’ve done it again! EYMS has left behind a large chunk of bus-starved residents.
According to a 1939 Kelly's Directory of Bridlington, the town once flourished with business.

Letter: Shops prior to big stores

Re the closure of Marks & Spencer: I own a 1939 Kelly’s Directory of Bridlington, which lists all the businesses in the town.
Residents and visitors should be asked their opinions on the development.

Letter: Uplifting Brid: give your priorities...

Re seafront facelift: I am most surprised there has been so little response to the town’s seafront regeneration plans. There was a large attendance at both the business forum, the public exhibition, and even a slot allocated to the issue on Radio Humberside.
There are concerns that some bus passengers may be cut-off from essential amenities.

Letter: Bus passengers cut off from amenities

Bus company EYMS says it is “simplifying the town network” and combining some quieter services.
There are concerns that the new bus service will miss off regular stops leaving some vulnerable passengers unable to walk the extra 15 or 20 minutes to the next stop.

Letter: New service may miss off old stops

I live in Sewerby Road (Fortyfoot end). We have at the moment the 510 bus from Bridlington – Flamborough, via St Aiden’s and the 121 along Fortyfoot to Scarborough.
David Dawson's picture shows an empty coach park on the day of its opening.

Letter: Coach park stands empty on first day

Last Saturday was a glorious day with the town heaving with visitors. The perfect conditions for the opening of the new Bridlington Coach Park at Limekiln Lane.
The plans to change bus services in Bridlington could create a big impact on those who rely on them.

Letter: The public need to be consulted

Re plans to change East Yorkshire Motor Services’ bus plans on May 8.
Penny Freeman warns people about the intrusive nature of social media after she had a bad experience on Facebook.

Letter: Accessing our data is intrusive

I agree with your article about Facebook 100%. I find the whole scenario quite sinister.
There are concerns about the urgent care centre proposed for Bridlington Hospital.

Letter: Urgent care centre is a concern

We hear about Bridlington Hospital and two others being changed from emergency care centres to urgent care centres. That might seem good with updated care, but is it?

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