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Your Say

Letter: The public need to be consulted

Re plans to change East Yorkshire Motor Services’ bus plans on May 8.
Penny Freeman warns people about the intrusive nature of social media after she had a bad experience on Facebook.

Letter: Accessing our data is intrusive

I agree with your article about Facebook 100%. I find the whole scenario quite sinister.
There are concerns about the urgent care centre proposed for Bridlington Hospital.

Letter: Urgent care centre is a concern

We hear about Bridlington Hospital and two others being changed from emergency care centres to urgent care centres. That might seem good with updated care, but is it?

The change in speed limit from North Marine Drive into St Anne's Road increases the already hazardous conditions caused by potholes.

Letter: Speed limits add to poor conditions

As you drive along North Marine Drive towards town you have to observe the 20mph limit.

The council has removed pebbles painted by children as they are believed to be a 'trip hazard'.

Letter: Paths pose bigger risk than pebbles

Re the Rocky Horror story on the front page of last week's paper.

Call for council's golf course proposal be put to an independent public enquiry.

Letter: Put golf course proposal to an independent enquiry

The proposal to sell off land to the financially struggling golf club beggars belief. Not only that, but a business which is obviously financially challenged will be propped up by the council tax payers of this authority.

Making small lifestyle changes can go a long way to helping the environment and reducing plastic waste.

Letter: Small steps go a long way

With all the talk about plastic rubbish on our beaches and in our seas, many of us can feel that there is little that we can do individually to alleviate the problem.
Roadworks in Bridlington are causing disruptions to the town.

Letter: The endless disruptions to the town

As a local trader for many years, during which the town of Bridlington has declined for various reasons, I write to ask how much longer the town can survive with the current roadworks?

Bridlington Golf Course looking from the seafront on Belvedere Road.

Letter: The best price? An inquiry is needed

I read with interest the article regarding the sale of the golf club for £750,000 and am absolutely astounded.
Brid's M&S store seems to be thriving.

Letter: Brid M&S store seems to be thriving

I visited the M&S store in Bridlington the other day and they seem to have a decent trade in the shop they intend to close down soon.

Adequate public conveniences need to be in place at Limekiln Lane Coach Park.

Letter: Facilities at coach park need to be in place

I have just read that the new coach park is soon to open and passengers will be dropped off at Limekiln Lane. They are then expected to walk in to town or catch the land train.
The Limekiln Lane parking site can get very busy at peak times.

Letter: Coach park clash over fewer spaces

Where are our visitors going to park their vehicles?

A catch would stop wheelie bin lids blowing open during windy weather.

Letter: A catch would solve wheelie bin lid problem

Since watching the Blue Planet 2 series showing the amount of plastic in our seas, I, like many others when walking on the beach, have been picking up litter.

Has Bridlington escaped a marina disaster?

Letter: Marina: a millstone has been avoided?

Phew, that was close. If you need to know how close we came to a marina disaster look up The History of Brighton Marina, on Wikipedia.

Kevin Mullins shares his concersn about Bridlington being compared to Allepo.

Letter: Comparison to Allepo is insensitive

I was amazed to read David McMillan’s comments likening the promenade to Allepo. Has the man no sense of perspective on the world and Middle East situation?

Bridlington could benefit from a pier.

Letter: Pier would make a popular attraction

So the marina project has been ‘shelved’.

On a recent litter pick Brightening up Bridlington volunteer Maureen Bell picked up over 37 dog bags.

Letter: Too many dog bags to count

I have just returned from the monthly litter-pick organised by volunteers of Brightening up Bridlington.
There was a strong turnout for a discussion about about the propsoed rail changes.

Letter: 100 villagers hear about rail changes

On Thursday, February 15, there was a very well attended meeting in Hunmanby to discuss the proposed controversial new train timetable for trains through the station arranged by Nick Harvey of Friends of Hunmanby Railway Station.
Hilderthorpe Road is just one of the areas of concern in Bridlington.

Letter: Come on, you can do better than this

Just what has East Riding of Yorkshire Council done to my home town of Bridlington?
Ernie Mackenzie can't see how a health village will help improve facilities for Bridlington.

Letter: Plan would not have worked

Referring to Jean Wormwell’s letter in the Free Press. I just can’t understand her thinking and belief that the proposed £18 million health village would have improved facilities in Bridlington.

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