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Your Say

Letter: 100 villagers hear about rail changes

On Thursday, February 15, there was a very well attended meeting in Hunmanby to discuss the proposed controversial new train timetable for trains through the station arranged by Nick Harvey of Friends of Hunmanby Railway Station.
Hilderthorpe Road is just one of the areas of concern in Bridlington.

Letter: Come on, you can do better than this

Just what has East Riding of Yorkshire Council done to my home town of Bridlington?
Ernie Mackenzie can't see how a health village will help improve facilities for Bridlington.

Letter: Plan would not have worked

Referring to Jean Wormwell’s letter in the Free Press. I just can’t understand her thinking and belief that the proposed £18 million health village would have improved facilities in Bridlington.

Dog mess in Bridlington is becoming a problem.

Letter: Pay traffic wardens to keep watch

Help! Dog mess on our street and others in Bridlington is out of control.

John L'Amie says it is time for town councillors to stand up for Bridlington.

Letter: Brid deserves to be given more respect

How long does it take to widen a road? If you live in Bridlington, it’s like asking how long is a piece of string. They demolished the railway buildings next to Hilderthorpe Road to widen the road in 2016.

There are concerns over old guest houses being turned into multiple occupation dwellings.

Letter: Multiple tenants concern

I would like to write to you regarding the state of Bridlington.

A sad decision to close Bridlington's M&S store.

Letter: A sad decision to close M&S store

I have been going to Bridlington for years from Hull and was disappointed to hear that the M&S store in the town plans to close.

Reader Julie Burton says that the spiritual needs of many patients are not being met.

Letter: Spiritual needs of patients not being met

The NHS and the government need a reality check to grasp the bigger picture.
Bridlington Hospital.

Letter: No winter operations cancelled

Hallelujah! At long last it is being recognised that we have a brilliant, but not used fully, hospital right here in our lovely seaside town of Bridlington, instead of the majority of the citizens having to travel to Scarborough, Hull or Castle Hill.
Proposals for a new health village could ease pressure on services.

Letter: Health village will improve facilties

A big vote of thanks to Dr Hardman and all his colleagues who have been working on the proposal for a ‘health village’ to integrate health and social care services and thereby improve health care facilities in Bridlington.
Government proposal to ban children from eating chocolate bars is 'ludicrous'.

Letter: Government proposal is 'ludicrous'

The latest hare-brained idea is the proposal to ban kids from eating chocolate bars in tough new rules to halt the so-called obesity crisis. It is ludicrous.

Residents can expect a soar in their council tax bill.

Letter: Council tax soars while we get less

I can’t believe that the council tax is due to rise by 5.99%, which is made up of a 3% adult social care precept and a council tax increase of 2.99%.

Bridlington Hospital is dealt a further blow with ward closures.

Letter: Assurances needed for our health care

Re Bridlington Hospital being dealt further blows with ward closures:

Are the admission charges too high at East Riding Leisure?

Letter: Admission prices are too high

Re the use of our excellent local leisure centre since it was rebuilt and re-opened in July 2016:
Bridlington Hospital's services continue to be dismantled.

Letter: Dismantling of essential services

The dialogue is constantly renewed regarding our hospital’s demise. It’s like death by a thousand cuts.
Your Say
Reader Gordon Sykes makes a light-hearted suggestion for an alternative site for the coach park.

Letter: Alternative to Limekiln Lane site

A light-hearted suggestion for the letters column:
What lies in store for Sewerby Hall?

Letter: What lies ahead for Sewerby Hall?

What now for Sewerby Hall? By the time this letter is published the Options Analysis for the consultant led ERYC 10-year development plan of Sewerby Hall will have been completed.
The council has a 10-year plan for Sewerby Hall in the pipeline

Letter: A 10-year plan is on the horizon for Sewerby Hall

I respond to the Rev John Wardle’s letter of (November 23) and his interest in other readers’ comments:
The ERYC renaissance team handled memorial trees with care.

Letter: Praise for council over care of memorial trees

With reference to a letter in last week’s Bridlington Free Press (December 7), I would like to shed some light on an incorrect interpretation of the situation.
Memorial trees could be for the chop to make way for coach park.

Letter: Memorial trees for the chop

Not content with disregarding the residents wishes regarding the coach park the construction company has seen fit to dig up two memorial trees planted on the Sewerby top entrance next to the Coastguard Station.

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