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Your Say

Letter: A 10-year plan is on the horizon for Sewerby Hall

I respond to the Rev John Wardle’s letter of (November 23) and his interest in other readers’ comments:
The ERYC renaissance team handled memorial trees with care.

Letter: Praise for council over care of memorial trees

With reference to a letter in last week’s Bridlington Free Press (December 7), I would like to shed some light on an incorrect interpretation of the situation.
Memorial trees could be for the chop to make way for coach park.

Letter: Memorial trees for the chop

Not content with disregarding the residents wishes regarding the coach park the construction company has seen fit to dig up two memorial trees planted on the Sewerby top entrance next to the Coastguard Station.

A drop-off point for coaches could help ease parking congestion during busy periods at Sewerby Hall and Gardens.

Letter: A coach drop-off could help at hall

I read with great interest your article regarding Sewerby Hall and Gardens.

A couple were landed with a parking charge at Palace car park despite pay and display machines being out of order.

Letter: Out of order over ticket machines

Having read Jane Raven’s letter regarding the penalty she was asked to pay after parking at South Cliff, Bridlington, my wife and I felt for her.
Cabbage patch up over anti-EU jibes.

Letter: Cabbage patch up over anti-EU jibes

In response to Aled Jones’ letter about EU regulations on the sale of cabbages: the claim that there are 26,911 words of EU regulation has been made about various things including ‘the export of duck eggs’, and for some reason people who should know better report these claims as fact.

The sale of cabbages in the EU all tied up in red tape.

Letter: Excessive rules on sale of EU cabbages

Let me explain in as few words as possible why we are better off outside the EU, why Great Britain deserves its freedom and sovereignty back.

Staff at Morrison's supermarket in Bridlington went the extra mile to help customer Linda Shaw when her buggy broke down.

Letter: Staff go the extra mile

I would like to thank the staff and management at Morrison’s at Bridlington for their help on Thursday when my disabled buggy broke down.
Your Say
Bridlington's annual Scooter Rally was a big success.

Letter: Scooter weekend wheelie fantastic

I would just like to say that my friends and myself and husband had a fantastic weekend in Bridlington for the scooter weekend, and would like to thank the people of Bridlington for a very successful event once again.

Ernie Mackenzie says hospital services' staff should be praised not targeted for cuts.

Letter: Further cuts loom over hospital again

I see the subject of services at Bridlington Hospital has surfaced again. Last time the subject of services at Brid Hospital was reported in the Free Press, Sir Greg Knight was in favour of hospital chiefs’ plans of changes to services at Brid Hospital.

Reader Geoff Gibson believes it's better to hedge your bets with a top class race horse.

Letter: A top class horse is a safer bet

I enjoy reading Tony McCormick’s racing column in the Free Press.

Hilderthorpe Road coach park site is awaiting development.

Letter: Site could be an asset

After several years of deliberation it is evident that the East Riding of Yorkshire Council are clueless as to the future of the Hilderthorpe Road coach park site. In a move to sell the 3.4 acre site in its entirety has (against strong objection and forewarning) decided on a £1m scatterbrain plan to channel the coaches through the already congested town roads to a grossly inappropriate site at Limeklin Lane.

Bridlington holds some happy memories for one of our readers.

Letter: Happy memories of my childhood home

I have enjoyed watching the TV programme “Steph and Dom’s One Star to Five Star”, not least because my childhood home was directly opposite on the corner of Flamborough Road and Park Avenue.

Recent NHS cuts have led to a reduced service in treatment and facilities at Bridlington Hospital.

Letter: Town’s lack of vital resources

It’s good news to learn that Yorkshire will get its first Maggie’s Centre soon to be opened at St James’ Hospital. Maggie’s Centres can successfully treat thousands of folk each year throughout the UK.

Bridlington Hospital had lost vital facilities.

Letter: Hospital facilities are being eroded

Further to the occasional correspondence bewailing the loss of our once vital hospital, I find it hard to believe that the population of Bridlington tolerate the manifestations of varying bodies of health care officials, who in their “wisdom” decide what must happen to our hospital generally after what is laughingly described as “consultation”.

Increasing levels of traffic on Skirgate and North Back Lane make it dangerous for children and parents to cross the road at the end of the school day.

Letter: School crossing danger

Re the dangers of the amount of traffic on Skirgate and North Back Lane:

Speeding is becoming a problem along Bridlington's promenade.

Letter: Drivers not adhering to restrictions

Re speeding in Bridlington:

Bridlington Hospital faces another ward closure.

Letter: Ward closure is a sad loss for town

I was saddened to read in the Free Press of another ward closure at Bridlington Hospital.

A well-balance diet and regular exercise are key to giving a child a head start.

Letter: Give a child a healthy start in life

It isn’t any wonder why there are so many overweight obese youngsters here in Brid? It is because they’ve not really been given a good healthy start in life.
Burlington Courts flats, Bridlington.

Letter: Burlington Court flats are well kept

As a resident of Burlington Court for the past nine and a half years I must take exception to some of the comments made in the Bridlington Free Press dated September 14.

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