Your responses to the rainbow flag vandalism

The flag was displayed in support of Hull Pride.
The flag was displayed in support of Hull Pride.

The Bridlington community has been quick to condemn the actions of a group which cut down the rainbow flag at Bridlington Police Station.

A group calling itself Men In Bridlington has said it was responsible for damaging the flag over the weekend and has threatened to do the same if the symbol is raised again.

The flag was being displayed to support the LGBT community around the time of Hull Pride and was due to be taken down today (Monday).

Men In Bridlington group reveals why they cut down the rainbow flag.
On the Free Press Facebook page, reactions included:

Richard Thompson: "Wow....are there really still people around who think like that? Live and let live...."

Jamie Lord: "It’s a shame some people are stuck in the dark ages."

Sarah Denison Jacques: "Remind me to stay away from anyone that condones this behaviour. I'm appalled and sickened by the attitude shown in the email. It's a disgrace in 2018 that this small minded mentality is allowed to be heard."

Claire Strand: "Can't believe what I have just read. Disgusting behaviour should be ashamed of themselves."

Michaela Quinn: "I feel embarrassed that someone in Bridlington has these views in 2018! People should love who they love. I loved seeing the flag and thought it was a sign of how far things have come... yet we’ve gone further back than ever."

Richard Little: "Maybe we should put a rainbow flag up on every house in Bridlington. What are they going to do then run round cutting them all down. At least it will keep the bigoted idiots busy."

Lisa Peacock: "This is a hate crime, pure and simple."