Young runners help fund

Rags Restaurant'The South side Charity Shop Presented chq to 3 organisations'PA1214-14c'Bridlington Round Table
Rags Restaurant'The South side Charity Shop Presented chq to 3 organisations'PA1214-14c'Bridlington Round Table

BRIDLINGTON Club for Young People is celebrating the delivery of a ‘new’ minibus less than a year after launching its appeal.

Early last year the Club’s committee members realised that, at 13 years old, their minibus - essential for taking youngsters to events - was well past its best.

Club Chairman Alan Stow said: “The old minibus wasn’t very reliable any more, and so we said to the club members that if they showed willing and set the ball rolling, we’d then see if we could raise the rest of the money.”

And the youngsters did indeed show willing - by running all the way home from Scarborough, and raising more than £2,000 in the process.

In April 2011 a group of about a dozen set off from Olivers Mount and headed back to the finishing point, the Telegraph pub in Quay Road, which some reached in less than three hours.

So in May the Club launched the official appeal for funds to buy a replacement bus.

The response was rapid and enthusiastic - and exceeded all expectations. Less than a year later almost £15,000 had been raised, enough to buy a low-mileage second-hand vehicle in great condition.

Club Chairman Alan Stow said: “The response to the appeal was tremendous.

“At first we were only aiming for £11,000, which was for a particular vehicle. But then we found this one for £15,000, which had only done 17,000 miles, and decided that it was worth the extra money.

“I’m really, really pleased with how much was donated, and how quickly the money came in.”

Support came willingly from all directions, the Club is highly-regarded for the work that it does in providing recreational and sporting facilities and oportunities for young people locally. Bridlington Round Table was particularly enthusiastic in its response.

The £3,856.86 that it donated is the biggest single donation it has made for many years, and the biggest single donation received towards the minibus - which, it hopes, will “give many faithful years of service ferrying members about as they represent Bridlington in many sporting competitions and activities across Britain”.

The other generous sponsors who made the purchase possible were: the Rotary Club of Bridlington; Bridlington Masonic Lodges; The Lords Feoffees; Bridlington Town Council;; Lloyd Dowson Accountants; Bridlington Lions; The Inner Wheel club of Bridlington; and Sign and Designs Ltd.

Bridlington Club for Young People is well known for its boxing training, but also has facilities for lots of other sports including badminton, basketball - and its latest venture, which is an indoor skateboarding ramp.

The aim of the Club is to steer youngsters towards a healthy lifestyle and help them to develop into responsible citizens.

With the acquisition of their new transport, this aim will be that bit easier to achieve.