Young brothers rescued from stranded dinghy

The two brothers were brought ashore by the inshore lifeboat.
The two brothers were brought ashore by the inshore lifeboat.

TWO brothers, aged 10 and 14, were rescued by Bridlington inshore lifeboat after their dinghy was stranded off the south pier.

A third brother, 9, was also involved in the incident, after the two boys’ dinghy had been blown out around 100 metres to sea, around 200 metres south of the south pier.

The 10 and 14-year-old were in the dinghy, and the third, aged 9, had tried to swim out to help them when he saw they were in trouble at around 10am on Tuesday, May 22.

It is thought the boys were holidaying in the area and are originally from Wales.

The inshore lifeboat was launched, went alongside the dinghy and brought the two boys aboard before bringing them back to shore.

Along with their younger brother, they were checked by ambulance crews after suffering from shock and the effects of the cold.

Chris Brompton of the inshore lifeboat, who was part of the crew responsible for the rescue, said: “We launched and were back to shore in around six minutes.

“The two boys on the dinghy had been blown out by the strong winds, and when we brought them ashore they were cold and in a bit of shock. We took them inside the station and warmed them up under the shower and gave them blankets before the ambulance crew checked them over.

“I think the youngest had seen them waving their arms so had tried to swim out to them, but had come back ashore and ran to the harbour where a fisherman noticed him and raised the alarm. He was also suffering from a bit of shock.”

The boys were given advice on the dangers of the sea, and the lifeboat crew advise that no inflatables are used in the sea.

A spokesperson for the Humber Coastguard said that strong winds of up to thirty knots had blown the boys’ dinghy away from the shore, and that a rescue helicopter had been scrambled after the alarm was raised, but turned back as the boys were rescued.