Yob shouted 'northern scum' on rampage through Bridlington with knife

Richard Lambert, 24, went on a drug-fulled rampage through Bridlington.
Richard Lambert, 24, went on a drug-fulled rampage through Bridlington.

A yob who terrorised visitors in Bridlington while shouting "northern scum" and threatening to stab strangers has been jailed.

Richard Lambert, 24, and his brother Marcus Lambert told the manager of an amusement arcade they would stab him. The pair threatened to stab strangers shouting the words “northern scum” at passersby as they travelled around Bridlington’s seafront high on a cocktail of drugs and alcohol.

When police caught the pair detectives found they had established a professional cannabis growing factory at their flat in Ferndale Avenue, Bridlington, on October 27 2015. They discovered hydroponic equipment and plants capable of yielding 2.2lkg of high-strength skunk with a street value of £13,000.

Lambert appeared for sentence at Hull Crown Court via video link from Hull Prison (January 27) after pleading guilty to affray, producing cannabis, criminal damage and failing to surrender. His brother is still on the run from the law.

Principal Crown advocate Philip Evans said Richard Lambert and his brother created the initial disturbance at the Pavilion Bar, in Esplanade, after an argument with three men outside.

"Richard was heard to say, 'do you want a glass in the face', said Mr Evans.

"The three men tried to take refuge in the Pavilion Bar, however they followed them there. Marcus and Richard Lambert began randomly throwing coins at customers in the bar saying, you northern scum.

"They knocked glasses off the bar and turned the lights out. As they left the premises the defendant and his brother urinated on the steps leading to the exit. They walked away laughing.”

Mr Evans said the duo returned a short time later throwing drink at customers before they smashed a glass door. A customer and the bar's manager followed the pair to their Ferndale Terrace flat. It was there Richard Lambert, who was the worse for drink, was spotted leaving with a large knife.

"The manager of the neighbouring arcade went to close the door and as he did so saw Richard, who he described as wild and wanting to fight.

Mr Evans said:"To his astonishment Richard then accused the manager of stabbing his brother. The manager pointed out he worked in the area and had never seen him before, to which Richard replied, 'if you stabbed him, I will stab you'.

The police then arrived.

Defence barrister Steven Garth said the pair had been drinking and taking drugs for several hours that day. Mr Garth said Lambert described himself as out of his head.

“It can be fairly said that his behaviour that night, this rampage, was out of character and driven by extreme intoxication,” said Mr Garth. “It was a moment of madness."

Sentencing, Judge Simon Jack said: "It is probably the worst case of affray I have ever had to deal with or ever heard of in these courts. You terrorised a section of the centre of Bridlington for a significant period of time." He jailed Lambert for three and a half years.