Yips, South Marine Drive, Bridlington: Great service and food after long day’s work

Yips Chinese Restaurant Eating out feature'NBFP PA1514-3
Yips Chinese Restaurant Eating out feature'NBFP PA1514-3

It being that time of year, many restaurants in Bridlington shut up shop on Mondays as it simply wouldn’t be cost effective to open.

But the fact Yips was indeed open on a Monday was a good omen. The restaurant, which is situated literally opposite the Spa Bridlington, was also reassuringly busy.

The duck was perfectly cooked - not too crispy, and not too moist

My colleague and I arrived at 7 pm after work to discover a full dining area with staff busying themselves away as they served drinks and deliciously well-presented food to eager patrons.

Many of our co-diners appeared to be regulars, often engaging in cheery conversations with the staff.

This familiarity with the staff indicated Yips is an establishment which enjoys a happy and content customer base, who frequent the eatery on a habitual basis.

We were immediately taken to our seats by the friendly waitress and asked what we wanted to drink.

As is tradition we opted for lager, specifically Carlsberg. Wine lovers will be pleased to know Yips stocks a wide range of reds, whites and rosé to pick from.

The menu was both diverse and colourful. There was certainly something for everyone.

Among the starters which tempted us were range of favourites including soups, seafood, lamb, beef and vegetarian options.

For our entrees, we decided to share an assortment of duck meat rolls and traditional spring rolls, which we manage to demolish in little under a minute.

The attentiveness of the staff at Yips is certainly something to be admired and the waitress was kind and not too intrusive.

Within a minute of finishing she took our plates away and refreshed us with more beer.

The mains section of the menu again offered a wide range of traditional favourites as well as more niche dishes.

I decided on Chinese orange duck with egg fried rice and my colleague went for lemon chicken.

The duck was perfectly cooked - not too crispy, and not too moist. The orange sauce was a superb compliment to the duck’s subtle flavour.

Although the meat itself couldn’t be faulted, I thought the dish as a whole could have benefited from a greater helping of the tangy and delicious orange sauce; we had ordered a side of egg-fried rice, so more sauce would have balanced everything out nicely.

My colleague reciprocated my view, commenting on his dish:“The chicken was cooked to perfection and the sauce was really nice.

“There just wasn’t enough of the sauce. I would have preferred more of it, preferably with an extra dish.”

Overall Yips was an excellent dining experience that satisfied a post-work craving for delicious Chinese food.

The restaurant being as busy as it was on a rainy Monday evening must be a testimonial to Yips’ reputation as one of the town’s best restaurants.

However it may be worth booking several days ahead if you are planning on dining at the establishment towards the end of the week - or you could find yourself eating a Yips takeaway at home!

Overall rating 8