Work to restore grand old vessel

Bridlington Harbour'Three Brothers Coble under restoration
Bridlington Harbour'Three Brothers Coble under restoration

Bridlington’s Three Brothers sailing coble was lifted from the harbour waters on Monday to asses the work needed to make the 100-year-old vessel seaworthy once more.

The Bridlington Sailing Coble Preservation Society are determined that the coble will sail again in its centenary year and are in the process of applying for funding for vital refurbishment work.

As part of the Society’s application for FLAG funding, appropriate boat yards are required to offer their suggestions and prices for the work.

Mike Wilson from the Bridlington Sailing Preservation Society said: “Everyone at the society is quite optimistic about the way things are progressing, one of the men who came to examine it gave me the impression that things were not as bad as we had first feared.”

During the assessment, decking boards on the Three Brothers were removed to give better access to the areas of the coble in need of attention.

With the help of the Harbour Commissioners, the society hopes to be able to put out a tender for the work soon, though it may be a while before a final decision on FLAG funding is made.

Members of the society have argued that the cost of restoring the Three Brothers in comparison with other costly maritime restoration projects such as the Mary Rose is relatively low and steps should be taken to ensure Bridlington does not loose such an important part of its history.

To mark the vessel’s centenary, the society have declared June 18 as a day for celebrations, to coincide with the visit of the Olympic Torch.

Entry to the Coble Museum will be free that weekend and the public are invited to come down to the harbour in Victorian/Edwardian costume to join in the fun.

If anyone wishes to get involved in the occasion, or to volunteer to man the museum, please telephone the Chairman, Sue Lowe, on Bridlington 401984 and more information about the Three Brothers can be found on the society’s website at