Woman’s dam fine effort!

A sand dam being built
A sand dam being built

A kind-hearted Bridlington woman has returned home after building dams in Kenya.

Penelope Weston, 73, of High Street, took part in the week long sand dam building project in September and recommends others take part in similar programs.

Penelope said: “I found out about it in a national newspaper last Christmas and I managed to get the Priory to make it their Lent project.

“I didn’t have a clue about how it worked so I decided it would be good if I went out there myself.

“I was struck by the simple message of the project which said ‘for just £10 you could provide clean water for someone for life.’”

Excellent, the organisation running the project, asks people to raise £500 before they are allowed to go to help out and participants must pay for their own flights and injections.

Penelope contacted people on her Christmas card list and asked if they wanted to contribute and was thrilled to eventually raise between £750 and £1,000.

Excellent, in conjunction with the African Sand Dam Foundation aim to build between 50 and 60 dams a year with each one costing about £10,000 to complete.

Penelope said: “The accomodation was simple but we had everything we needed. The food was good and we were given a fantastic feast on the last day.”

“Its hard work building the dams, moving water drums and 50kg bags of cement around without any modern machinery, just wheelbarrows.”

Sand dams are built on dry river beds to catch and store clean water when seasonal rains come to the region.

The work of the African Sand Dam Foundation doesn’t stop there though, as representatives contine to work with farmers near the dams to improve their crops and farming methods.

Penelope worked with expert dam builders and British volunteers on the project which provides basic accommodation and food for participants.

To find out more about the project visit the official website at www.excellent.org.uk