Woman’s abuse was ‘appalling’

David Robinson
David Robinson

A FATHER-OF-TWO from Bridlington has been given a 12-month suspended prison sentence for a catalogue of abuse on a woman which a judge described as “appalling”.

David Robinson, 66, exerted a “vile and malign influence” on a woman both physically and mentally on a number of occasions including causing injury, Hull Crown Court heard.

He swore at her, called her names and at one stage locked her into a car and told her to recite nursery rhymes in the middle of the night.

Robinson, of Rickaby Close, appeared at court for sentence on Monday after a trial jury convicted him of putting the woman in fear of violence.

Crown barrister Mark McKone said Robinson smeared dog dirt on the woman’s property and punched her face.

He had told police at one stage he was drinking three bottles of cider a day, but told a jury it was less than this. He said he hit the woman only once.

The court heard he had “antique” convictions on his police record. More recently he has a record for damaging property, threatening behaviour and being drunk and disorderly

Barrister John Thackray told the court Robinson was not in good health.

He said he had suffered the stress of a five-day trial, where he was acquitted of four charges of rape. At one stage he went to hospital complaining of pains.

Sentencing, Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, told Robinson: “The circumstances of this case are appalling. This in my judgement is a serious case of its kind.

“You were abusive and called this woman a range of demeaning and abusive names. You punched her for trivial reasons.

“On one occasion you locked her in a car. You were plainly an appalling and malign influence.

“You caused her injuries to her arms and other parts of her body. It is plain you assaulted her on many occasions.

“In many respects you deserve to be sent to prison for the full term that I impose. You have very narrowly escaped prison.”

Robinson was given a 12-month suspended prison sentence and a residency condition at Rickaby Close for two years.