Woman had open beer can in car

A FEMALE driver has been disqualified for a year after she was found in her car with an open beer can.

Karen Briggs, 44, appeared at Bridlington Magistrates Court last Wednesday, charged with driving without due care and attention and for failing to give a breath test sample.

She pleaded guilty to both offences.

The court heard concerned witnesses reported Briggs to the police for the way she was driving along the A165 from Skipsea to Bridlington on 11 September this year.

Later the same day, police found Briggs in Bridlington sat inside her Peugeot 206 holding an open beer can.

Prosecutor Michael Waudby said: “The blue Peugeot 206 was parked on a bus turning circle.

“She was sat with her head arched back with an open beer can. She was cautioned and taken into custody.”

Police failed to do a breathalyser test when they arrested her and while in custody Briggs refused to give a breath sample.

Defending Briggs, Nicholas Clay said: “The defendant had refused to provide a sample at the police station. She didn’t think she had been lawfully arrested.

“The defendant was wrong in her own mind by naivety in believing that she didn’t have to provide a sample.”

On top of her 12 months driving ban, Briggs, of Cantley Manor Avenue, Doncaster, was fined £100 and ordered to pay £65 court costs and a surcharge of £15.