Winning spree for Brid’s town crier

Bridlington's Town Crier David Hinde
Bridlington's Town Crier David Hinde

Bellowing for Bridlington once again, the Town Crier brought home a ‘swathe’ of trophies from a number of national competitions.

David Hinde, who holds the record for loudest town crier in the world, competed in three competitions in South Devon, winning two of them and coming second in another.

He also took home the Sir Drake Armada 400th Trophy for best overall performance over the three competitions.

David said: “I got back early Sunday evening from South Devon after a great weekend, and what a result! Despite having a very bad back which I injured after the first day’s performance, I won two out of three competitions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday against very good competition, and a swathe of trophies.”

On Saturday 25 July David took part in the Kingsbridge Competition and bellowed away the competition to secure the Overbecks Memorial Plate, followed by Ed Christopher, the town crier for City of Hamilton, Bermuda, who took second place, and Ken Knowles from Lichfield who took third place.

David also landed first in a second competition in Kingsbridge on Saturday and it was on to Dartmouth for the third competition in which he came second.

“We all had a great time. Thanks to all involved and to all my fellow criers and their escorts,” he added. “I hope the town is proud to have these trophies for a year and I am very proud to be representing Bridlington in these competitions.”