Will sisters stay divided?

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She was once the pride of the East Coast on which visitors would flock from all corners of Britain to experience our area’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Now the Flamborian is up for sale once more and having been converted into a houseboat, is presently moored at Base de Loisirs du Val de Seine, just north of Paris.

It is a far cry from her graceful trips she once embarked on off Bridlington and Flamborough, which were enjoyed by thousands.

The news that she was to be sold on one more was first broke by Michael Hood, a 20-year-old student from Rotherham who holds memories of the boat, formerly known as Boy’s Own, especially close to his heart.

“I went to Flamborough when I was younger,” he said. “It was a pleasure boat and was built as a sister ship to the Yorkshire Belle. It stopped sailing in 1998 and moved down south to the Swanage, Bournemouth and Poole area. It was supposed to do trips on the Jurassic Coast.

“But the metal work had gone rusty, and it needed painting. This was done so much that it got to the point where it needed completely rebuilding. It was eventually bought by a Frenchman who wanted to convert it. He said it would be perfect for him.”

Michael said although “it would be nice to see it doing trips in Bridlington again,” the likelihood remained low, a pessimistic outlook echoed by skipper of the Yorkshire Belle, Peter Richardson.

He said: “She’s been out of service for too long and it would take a tremendous amount of work to put her back into passenger service.”

Sadly even the future of the beloved Yorkshire Belle remains uncertain. With stricter regulations on passenger vessels coming into effect and rising maintenance costs, the job Peter loves is edging closer to a distant memory.

While it would be wonderful for the boat to return to Bridlington, we are certain to never board its deck again.