Wife said she would bomb police station

Bridlington Police Station
Bridlington Police Station

A woman threatened to bomb Bridlington police station if officers didn’t release her husband, a court heard.

Aleisha Broadbent, 26, made a total of 13 calls to the police late on the night of December 15 before officers arrived at her home on Park Avenue, Bridlington, and arrested her for malicious communications and abuse of the 999 system.

East Riding Magistrates’ Court heard how her husband had been arrested around 90 minutes earlier, also at the couple’s home, after Broadbent had called the police and made an allegation about him.

The allegation followed a row after the couple had been out drinking, the court heard, but soon after his arrest Broadbent became concerned about his epilepsy.

Prosecuting, Colette Dixon said the defendant was abusive to the police call taker and threatened to bomb the police station if her husband wasn’t released.

When officers came to arrest her she refused to move and had to be carried to a waiting police van – but the next day admitted she’d been drunk and “out of order,” said Mrs Dixon.

The court heard the couple had been married for 18 months and that this incident had been “a blip” in a happy relationship in which Broadbent acted as carer for her husband who has severe epilepsy.

Defending, Amelia Woollen said Broadbent hadn’t known where her husband had been taken and that ringing 999 was the only way she knew how to contact the police.

She said: “She is extremely sorry and embarrassed about her actions.”

Broadbent pleaded guilty to a charge of persistently making use of a public communication network to cause annoyance. She was handed a 12-month conditional discharge and told to pay £85 costs with a £15 victim surcharge. Broadbent’s husband supported her in court.