WI Shirley stars in BBC Breakfast show

Shirley Cummings.
Shirley Cummings.

A WOMEN’S Institute member featured on breakfast 
television to speak about why young women are interested in joining.

After 30 years as a member of Sewerby WI, Shirley Cummings, 77, of Harewood Avenue, Bridlington, appeared on BBC Breakfast on BBC1 last Monday to talk about the institute.

The appearance adds to Shirley’s exciting year as in April she met the Queen to receive Jubilee minted Maundy Money.

Shirley said: “I got a call from BBC Breakfast and they wanted me to appear on the show in Manchester.

“They wanted to know why so many young girls were joining the WI and we were talking about the activities we offer.”

She appeared alongside Lucy Adams, who has recently become a WI member and set up a group in Manchester which is hailed as having a youthful approach to the WI.

Shirley said she believes younger generations are interested in joining because the WI offers crafts and skills which are not always taught in school.

In addition she said the WI offers classes to teach young mothers and carers skills such as cooking.

Shirley said: “I think the WI enables you to fulfil your full potential, it helps you become the woman you never thought you would and gives you so much opportunity.”