Why we are against plans for funeral home

Residents say their lives would become a misery if the new funeral home is allowed to open
Residents say their lives would become a misery if the new funeral home is allowed to open

Co-op wants to open a funeral home in a former furniture shop in Prince Street, but Lorraine Pritchard, Terence Watts, Carole Sutton, Peter Sutton, Marilyn Rhodes, Phil Pritchard and Paul Rhodes, who live nearby, tell us why they oppose it.

○ “A funeral parlour in Bridlington’s main tourist area is ridiculous as tourists would not consider funeral services. Prince Street should be ice cream, chip shops, rock shops, pubs and restaurants.”

○ “We will basically be forced into living in the back yard of a 24-hour operational undertakers. This is simply unfair and will have serious effects on our health and wellbeing.”

○ “We purchased a residential flat on the harbour. We never considered a funeral parlour with a hearse parked outside our front door and coffins with bodies offloaded and taken into the parlour in the night.”

○ “Our building was sold and converted into residential flats approximately 15 years ago. There has been no communication from the landlord or lease holder 
regarding the funeral parlour and its effect on us.”

○ “Britannia Court has always been designated as access to our car parking area and for delivery and collection from the shops only. The list of objections is endless. It’s like a bad dream for the residents.”

Co-op has said its other branch in Bridlington will continue to operate alongside the newly-proposed funeral home.

It would appoint two funeral arrangers to work at the new premises, ‘with scope for further recruitment’.

Helen Chandler, head of operations at Co-op Funeralcare for the North and East said: “Our purpose is to ensure our services are as local and accessible as possible to families in their time of loss. For this reason our funeral homes are often found in central locations within the community.

“We understand that this may have prompted concerns from local residents and we are committed to working with the community in Bridlington to ensure they are completely clear about, and comfortable with, what our plans are. We have already made changes to the proposed layout of the property as a result of the feedback we have received.

“Over the coming weeks we will ensure that members of the local community have the opportunity to have answered any questions they may have about our proposed funeral home. I personally want to reassure anyone who may feel apprehensive about it.”