This is why I made a unique memorial cross for Bridlington

A soldier who used the skills he has learnt in the Army to create a unique memorial is hoping a permanent home can be found for it in Bridlington.

Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 11:38 am
Updated Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 11:44 am
Staff Sgt Lee Tyson at the Remembrance service

Staff Sgt Lee Tyson spent a week making a copper cross, surrounded by barbed wire, which he laid at the war memorial during the town’s main remembrance service earlier this month.

He said: “This was my first home parade in Bridlington, having recently moved back to the area.

Staff Sgt Lee Tyson

“I’m in the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers and I am a metalsmith by trade.

“The REME is a bit like the AA for the Army, fixing everything and keeping everybody on the road.

“I thought it would be nice to use my skills to do something creative, rather than practical.

“When I was serving in Afghanistan, I used to make vigil crosses for fallen colleagues. I thought the copper cross would be a gesture for those who served the country in all conflicts from 1914 to 2018.

he has made a number of items at his base in Winchester.

“The cross itself took about a week to make and I wanted it to be as good as I could possibly make it.

“It has not been lacquered so it will age over time and there is a plaque fixed to it.”

Members of the Bridlington branch of the Royal British Legion have taken the memorial into their keeping and Staff Sgt Tyson hopes it will go on permanent display in the war memorial gardens or somewhere else which is deemed appropriate.

But the cross is not the only symbol he has been working on in recent months.

“I have made copper poppies, and copper roses that have been raffled off,” said Staff Sgt Tyson, who is based at the Army Training Regiment in Winchester, and returns to East Yorkshire at weekends.

“But more importantly I have been giving up my evenings working until 10.30pm most nights showing soldiers how to make poppies and roses.

“I have given up my time to help raise funds and to teach people skills that they will never forget, I have shown all ranks from recruits to commanding officer.

“In total I have raised on camp £701.28, and I will be splitting the money between the Royal British Legion and a local Rainbows Nursery here on camp at ATR Winchester.

“I also donated two poppies that have been raffled off and that alone has raised over £400, which has already gone to the Legion.”