What's got people so angry about Bridlington's new hotel?

It's created more than 70 jobs and has seen a £7million investment in the resort.

Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 1:39 pm
Updated Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 1:45 pm
Bridlington's new Premier Inn

Bridlington's new Premier Inn hotel opens its doors at the weekend but a preview of how it looks inside has thrown up one area of controversy.

There were lots of positive comments about the appearance of the 82-bedroom hotel but a number of people have spotted that behind the reception desk is artwork showing Blackpool and not Bridlington - with a picture of the world-famous tower in Lancashire, rather than one of the Yorkshire Coast landmarks.

On social media, Colin Fletcher said: "As for the picture of the Blackpool Tower in reception, what an insult to the visitors to Bridlington. All the great pictures to choose from of Bridlington and they do this. Oh dear oh dear, absolutely bonkers."

The picture of Blackpool Tower behind the reception desk has drawn criticism from local people.

Tim Sorsby added: "Poor taste with the mural on the reception wall of another town...a shame they didn't incorporate more images of the town they are in. Blackpool Tower or Flamborough Lighthouse? I know which one I would have gone for.

Kaz Ledger commented: "Why advertise another seaside location?? It's kind of insulting really. I realise it's a recognisable landmark with the tower but we have lots of nice views here in Bridlington, the harbour, Gansey Girl, Sewerby cliffs, lighthouse, historic Priory church etc, which surely is what should have been the background??

Penny Turner said: "Why build in Bridlington and put art of Blackpool?"

And Danny Myers added: "Looks great but the artwork has let the place down already, especially the Blackpool photo. There’s nothing linking the building to the local area."

The picture of Blackpool Tower behind the reception desk has drawn criticism from local people.

But not everyone agreed. Ian Pinnington posted: "Looks amazing. Might check out the restaurant. Family from Lancashire can now come and stay over in Bridlington in a nice place. The artwork is fab, shows off the fun of the seaside."