Whale dies after becoming beached near Bridlington

Whale stranded at Auburn Farm beach, Fraisthorpe (Andy Brompton)
Whale stranded at Auburn Farm beach, Fraisthorpe (Andy Brompton)

RESCUERS tried in vain to help a stranded whale back out to sea after it beached close to Bridlington.

The Bridlington inshore lifeboat crew were asked to stand by while rescuers attempted to get the young whale to safety after became stranded at Auburn Farm beach south of Bridlington, at noon on Sunday September 30.

During the afternoon the 10 foot whale was helped back to sea by windsurfers and members of the public but later in the day it came ashore yet again.

Members of the Northern Divers Marine Rescue unit, who were now on scene, tried once again to move the whale into deeper water.

Bridlington’s inshore lifeboat Windsor Spirit was requested to stand by as a safety boat while the volunteers tried to move the whale in the breaking surf.

Unfortunately the area contains a number of world war two concrete and metal sea defences and the whale suffered some serious injuries. After almost eight hours doing the whale died.

Stuart Tibbet, second coxswain at Bridlington Lifeboat, said: “The volunteers did everything they could and some of them were understandably upset at the outcome.”

You can follow the action at Bridlington lifeboat on Twitter @BridlingtonRNLI.

For the full story, see this Thursday’s Bridlington Free Press.