Were you woken by booming crack of thunder?

Did the thunder wake you up?
Did the thunder wake you up?

Bridlington reacts after being woken up by the "longest and loudest crack of thunder".

At around 5am this morning (August 23), a strike of lightning and crack of thunder rose residents from their slumber in what some have described as sounding like the world exploding.

Many took to social media to share their shock and bewilderment at what the noise was.

Ben Matthews tweeted: "Goodness me that thunder was loud, I nearly jumped out of bed! #Bridlington"

While Micah Smith said: "So I think the world just exploded outside my window? #Thunder? #bridlington"

So far there have been no reports of any damaged caused by the lightning.

According to reports people were woken up from the south of Bridlington up to Bempton by the cracking thunder.

Bridlington Crime Prevention Group tweeted: "The longest and loudest crack of #thunder has just woken #Bridlington up with a start! All quiet again now!"

And Leanne Taylor said: "That wasn't thunder.... I thought the world has come to an end. Genuinely #bridlington"

Were you woken by the thunder and lightening?