Eve Gascoigne is back home
Eve Gascoigne is back home

The little girl with the biggest smile in Bridlington is back home.

Brave Eve Gascoigne returned on Tuesday, after nine weeks in America as she underwent proton beam therapy.

Mum Phillipa, Rossi the dog, Naomi, Eve and dad Lee back at home in Bridlington

Mum Phillipa, Rossi the dog, Naomi, Eve and dad Lee back at home in Bridlington

There was a surprise for the family when they landed at Manchester, as Eve’s older sister Naomi was there to meet them.

And throughout the stay in Florida, the family have been amazed by Eve’s courage and spirit, as well as the huge number of good wishes from back home.

Mum Phillipa said: “The support from Bridlington has been unreal.

Dad Lee added: “We are very proud of the town, how everyone pulled together to help the cause.”

Still smiling, as she arrives home

Still smiling, as she arrives home

Despite having treatment for half-an-hour every weekday in Florida, Eve has found the energy to learn to swim and do somersaults.

“I don’t understand how she has gone through it every day and just carried on. She hasn’t even stopped for a nap,” said Phillipa.

The six-year-old was diagnosed with astroblastoma, a rare brain tumour, last year but has shown remarkable resilience.

Mum Phillipa said: “She’s fine and has done really well with it.

“She is such an infectious character. She is like a magnet, attracting people who wanted to come to speak to her.

“She is an inspiration.”

The people the family had met in America had made a huge impression on their lives.

“We met some amazing people. The community in Jacksonville were really friendly,” said Phillipa.

“The staff were unreal. They work long hours at the hospital but they were so patient and wonderful. It was an amazing place to be.”

Back home in Bridlington, just hours after landing in the UK, there was a special welcome for the beloved family dog Rossi.

And Eve is even hoping to be back in class at Martongate School as her recovery continues.

Dad Lee said: “The doctors are pleased with the outcome. She has shown no side effects but we don’t know for sure until she has a follow up MRI scan.

“They told us there is over a 50% chance it won’t come back. They are very optimistic, and they are really confident and positive people.”
The family started a huge fund-raising drive last year after uncertainty over whether the NHS would pay to fly Eve to America for the specialist treatment which is unavailable in this country.

The thousands of pounds raised by events in Bridlington is being used to help families in need at home and abroad.

And the Gascoignes are planning to give large donations to charities including the Yorkshire branch of the Brain Tumour Research and Support group.