Weighing up the full cost of regeneration scheme

Is the 'pain' of the Hilderthorpe construction works worth the 'gain'?
Is the 'pain' of the Hilderthorpe construction works worth the 'gain'?

There was a quote attributed to our local county councillor a few months ago that prompts me to write. He said that the Hilderthorpe construction work, and all the problems it caused, represented “pain” that would be worth the “gain”.

I wonder if his southside constituents are happy to receive the “gain” of an ecological beckside walk, in exchange for the “pain” of losing Bridge Street as a prime route to the northside.

I also wonder if Tesco are happy with the constant “pain” of roadworks on Hilderthorpe Road. A conspiracy theorist might think that Tesco were being punished for not moving onto the car park.

Would it be possible to find out how much all of the grand Hilderthorpe area scheme has cost? First there is the construction works on, or around, Hilderthorpe Road, Bridge Street, Manor Street, Beck Hill, Palace Avenue and Springfield Avenue. There is also the cost in acquiring all the properties on the above roads.

Only when we, the local taxpaying constituents, know the full cost of the scheme can one begin to assess whether the “gain” is indeed worth the “pain”.

Bearing in mind how the funds might otherwise have been used in the town, perhaps you could then carry out a “pain/gain” survey.

G Sykes

Saint James Road