Environment Agency keeps warning in place as flooding expected in Bridlington

File photo.
File photo.

The Environment Agency have kept a flood warning in place for Bridlington and say flooding is 'expected.'

On Harbour Road, Floral Pavilion and South Pier overtopping is expected to affect sea front areas as a result of high spring tides and flooding of property, roads and land is possible between 5.00pm and 6.30pm this afternoon and 5.00am and 6.45am tomorrow morning.

The areas most at risk are properties at Harbour Road, Floral Pavilion and South Pier.

The authorities are closely monitoring the situation and incident response staff are checking defences and will operate them as required.

The public is being advised to plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads and coastal roads, which may be flooded.

The latest update was issued at 1.06pm.

During a flood warning, the Environment Agency advises:

- Turning off gas, water and electricity.

- Moving things upstairs or to safety.

- Moving family, pets and car to safety.