Bridlington weather for the weekend - forecasters tell us if we should expect more snow

Snow in Bridlington Old Town last February.
Snow in Bridlington Old Town last February.

After the first brief flurries of snow on the Yorkshire coast yesterday, are we likely to see more wintry weather over the weekend?

Temperatures plummeted in the second half of the week, with snow showers on Thursday morning and a warning of ice in force for 24 hours.

But the forecast looks slightly better for Saturday and Sunday.

See some of our favourite photos of snow in Bridlington in previous years.

You'll still need to wrap up warm - temperatures are not expected to get above 4C and the winds will make it feel below freezing, even during daylight hours.

The Met Office forecast says Bridlington should remain dry for the rest of the weekend, but the BBC suggests there is a risk of rain showers between midnight and 9am on Saturday.