‘We were due to fly away with Monarch’

Tim Norman stood for the Yorkshire Party in the General Election
Tim Norman stood for the Yorkshire Party in the General Election

After making sure hundreds of visitors to Bridlington have enjoyed their holiday, hotel owner Tim Norman’s plans for a break of his own were hit by the collapse of Monarch Airlines today.

Tim had booked festive flights to Lanzarote with his wife Fiona and his mother-in-law.

But on Monday morning, the news broke that Monarch had stopped trading and all flights were grounded.

Tim, who runs the Royal Hotel and writes a column on tourism for the Free Press said: “We had booked for over Christmas and New Year because that’s the only time we get chance to get away and a have a nice break.

“We had been following the news for the past few days and woke up this morning and had to dash to try to find replacements.

“Fortunately, we’ve been able to get to the same place with Jet2, who have come up trumps.

“We were lucky that our holiday was two months down the line and it didn’t happen when we were sitting at an airport.”

“We had booked a package so we are not going to lose anything but it will take a while for our deposit to come back. It was a bit ironic that an email from Monarch came over the weekend to remind us the balance for our holiday was due within seven days.

“It was frustrating but we are sorted now.”