Waxwork Jim leaves Brid

Jimmy Savile waxwork
Jimmy Savile waxwork

THE recent death of Sir Jimmy Savile has seen a surge in people digging out their Jim’ll Fix It badges and other memorabilia.

But one momento, recently sold by a Bridlington man, is much more unique.

A life size wax work model of Sir Jimmy, originally made by Madame Tussauds, belonged to Chris Parcell who ran the Old Penny Memories museum and 60s coffee bar on Marlborough Terrace.

Last week, the model sold to a Sir Savile fanatic in Avon, on the auction site eBay, for £148.

The figure was originally bought by Chris from York in 1997 and displayed in the 60s coffee bar below the Old Penny Memories museum on Marlborough Terrace.

Although the model shows Sir Jimmy in his 1970s Jim’ll Fix It heyday, his popularity throughout the 60s meant that he was the ideal character to sit in the 60s cafe.

The model became a popular feature in the cafe until it was taken out and put into storage around 2007, but not before spending some time on the sofa at Chris’ house.

“It is a strange thing to have Jimmy Savile in a box in your house,” said Chris.

“The model is now on its way down to Avon, where I know he is going to be appreciated as the person it is going to is a huge fan of Sir Jim.

“There was a lot of interest in the item, in fact we had around 35 bids, but I wasn’t surprised as I know that Sir Jimmy had a lot of fans.

“I didn’t receive as much back as I originally paid for it but I had been thinking of selling it on for a while and this just seemed like a good time to do it.”

The Old Penny Memories museum was open on Marlborough Terrace for 12 years before closing its doors in April 2010 to look for a more suitable new home.

Chris is keen for the museum to reopen in Bridlington, and is still looking for a suitable location to house his vast assortment of traditional seaside amusement machines, amongst other artefacts which has earned a solid reputation with overseas collectors and enthusiasts.

In 2008 the museum was featured on the Antiques Roadshow when the programme visited the Spa and scenes of presenter Fiona Bruce trying her luck on the slot machines were aired to millions.

Chris added that if anybody in Bridlington is thinking of selling a property which may be suitable for the new museum, which will still feature the Old Penny Memories name, they can contact him on 07742658059.