Water quality in Bridlington is getting worse - this is what is being done

Thousands of pounds is being splashed out to try to find out what the water quality at Bridlington’s two main beaches is getting worse.

Thursday, 30th May 2019, 3:00 pm
Bridlington South beach

The Environment Agency says it has paid £15,000 to take more than 350 samples as it investigates what is causing the drop in standards.

Over the winter months, the levels at South Bay have gone from ‘good’ to ‘sufficient’, while Bridlington North deteriorated from ‘excellent’ to ‘good’ in 2017.

Dr Martin Christmas, environment manager at the Environment Agency in Yorkshire, said: “We will be carrying out further water quality investigations to try to identify potential sources of bacteria impacting the bathing water – this will also include Bridlington North.

“The aim is for this to be completed before the end of 2019.

“There are a number of complex factors to consider when the quality of bathing water is reduced and a huge amount of work is going on behind the scenes at Bridlington to understand those issues, and to allow us to identify what improvements need to be made.

“Water sampling equipment has been installed in the Gypsey Race at St John’s Avenue in Bridlington. Further sampling equipment has been placed at the confluence of the Gypsey Race and the harbour.”

“The Environment Agency has met with the harbour commissioners to try to understand tidal currents within Bridlington Harbour and Bridlington Bay and how these could impact on bathing water quality.

“We have carried out a joint walkover of the Gypsey Race with East Riding of Yorkshire Council to identify possible sources of pollution.”

Bridlington will again be without a Blue Flag flying on the seafront this year, after Whitby was the only resort in Yorkshire to meet the high standards .

However, Bridlington North, Bridlington South, Wilsthorpe, Fraisthorpe, Danes Dyke, and Flamborough South Landing were all given Seaside Awards by Keep Britain Tidy and the Environment Agency says 17 of the Yorkshire’s 19 bathing waters were rated either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ for the 2019 season.

Dr Christmas added: “Everyone has a part to play in protecting and improving our great bathing waters.

“If we continue to work together to reduce pollution, we can improve water quality and ensure our bathing waters and coastal communities continue to thrive.”