WATCH: Dolphins spotted off the coast of Bridlington

Have you seen dolphins off Bridlington before? Visitors aboard the Yorkshire Belle witnessed the rare spectacle that even the captain has only seen seven times in 35 years.

And owner and captain Peter Richardson, said this is the first time he has seen dolphins off Bridlington for around seven or eight years.

The dolphins pictured by Victoria Dalton

The dolphins pictured by Victoria Dalton

The Yorkshire Belle, which celebrates its 70th birthday this week, had approximately 40 passengers aboard when eight dolphins emerged alongside the vessel.

The dolphins were seen around three quarters of a miles from the coast at Danes Dyke.

Peter said: “Everyone seemed extremely excited. The sight of dolphins so close in Bridlington is really quite rare.

“I tried to get into a position to give them the best possible view.

Yorkshire Belle skipper Peter Richardson

Yorkshire Belle skipper Peter Richardson

“Apparently sightings of dolphins further north are becoming more common.”

He hopes maybe it will start to become more common in the area.

His son and business partner, Sam, said: “Everyone was surprised and excited. It’s not something we see very often at all. As much as I hate to say it, it’s probably the first and only time we will see them this year.”

Sam has only ever seen dolphins three times from the vessel.

Between April and the end of September, the Yorkshire Belle cruises residents and visitors along the coast every day. Sometimes taking up to five trips on the day.

Visitors aboard the vessel posted photographs on social media.

A video posted by Sam to the Yorkshire Belle’s Facebook page of the eight dolphins emerging by the vessel was watched more than 31,000 times and received more than 400 shares.

Peter said: “You never know when they are going to appear, just because you’ve seen them on one trip of the day doesn’t mean you’ll see them the next.

“Obviously dolphins will be in the area at other times but we’re not on the water 24 hours a day. The last time I saw them was about seven or eight years ago.”

Visitors and residents shared their views of the spectacular sight. One said: “Amazing. What a wonderful sight to see.”

Another another wrote: “That’s amazing. I wish I’d seen that. Brilliant.”

While others shared their disappointment that they weren’t aboard when the dolphins emerged on Saturday May 20

Viedeo filmed by Sam Richardson.