Warning over legal highs after 16-year-old Bridlington boy collapses

POLICE in Bridlington are warning of the dangers of legal highs after a 16-year-old boy was rushed into hospital after taking a substance.

On Friday, October 31, the 16-year-old Bridlington boy was rushed into hospital after taking the legal high ‘Black Mamba’ and fitting.

The boy was provided bought the drug from a local store on Friday October 31, and not long afterwards started to smoke the herb with his friend.

The teenager immediately collapsed and started to fit. He was rushed into the Accident and Emergency Unit at Scarborough Hospital, where he was admitted, put on a drip and monitored for several hours.

The boy was later discharged from hospital but the parents of the teenager were so concerned of the effects these legal highs can have, that they contacted Humberside Police.

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