Warning following dog attacks

Walt the dog was attacked by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier on Sunday 10 January.
Walt the dog was attacked by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier on Sunday 10 January.

A Flamborough woman is warning other dog-walkers after her beloved pet was savaged by another dog while out on a country walk.

Caroline Mansell, 55, who owns the Crabpot Model Shot on Post Office Street, said she and her dog Walt are still coming to terms with the incident which took place on a rural road in Flamborough.

Caroline, who has recently had an operation on her foot, said: “I’m still shaking just talking about it all.

“I took Walt out for a walk along the back of Grange Farm on Bempton Lane.

“I let him through a gate and Walt ran ahead of me and I heard him woofing like he always does when he greets people.
“I saw a bloke and within seconds a ‘Staffie’ came out from a side-field and started attacking Walt.

“The bloke asked ‘didn’t you see me?’ - I shouted at him get his dog off mine.”

Caroline said Walt the dog then made a break for it and darted into a nearby bush, which gave the attacking dog’s owner a chance to restrain the animal after it attempted to give chace.

She added: “I’m glad Walt wasn’t on the lead because if he was he might not have been able to get away.

“I asked the owner what his name was and he just said ‘that’s for you to find out.’”

A spokesperson for Humberside Police said: We were called at approx 2.30pm on Saturday 10 January. The caller reported that her dog had been attacked by another dog.

“Although this would clearly have been a very distressing incident for the owner, both dogs were off the lead and not under full control of the owners.

“There is no offence if a dog attacks another dog, there is only an offense if a dog attacks a person or livestock.”

Caroline added: “I’m worried for other dog owners - one of the locals I know said they thought the heard about another dog being attacked in Flamborough, but I don’t know it it’s connected.”

A few days later a man and his dog were attacked by a Staffordshire bull on Bridlington Promenade.

In a letter to the Bridlington Free Press he said: “Can I thank all those who came to my assistance on Wednesday 14 Jan when a large muscular Staffie bull terrier launched an attack on me and my dog opposite the Prior John on the Promenade.

“Without their help the damage could have been a lot worse.”