Warning against leaving dogs in cars

The RSPCA is warning dog owners against leaving their pets in the car on hot summer days.

Officers forced their way into a parked vehicle at the Tesco store in Bridlington to release eight dogs which were in distress from the hot temperatures on Saturday (May 7).

The policing team for Bridlington, Driffield and Hornsea tweeted: “Please don’t leave dogs in cars on hot days. Or we may need to force entry.”

The local RSPCA have been liasing with East Riding of Yorkshire Council to obtain permission for signs in all the car parks in the Bridlignton area telling people not to leave their dogs in their cars in hot weather.

Treasurer of the Bridlington branch of the RSPCA said: “Dogs start to suffer within a few minutes of being left in a hot car and can die very quickly. This is a terrible way for a dog to die.

“The weather may not seem too hot if there is a bit of breeze, but the only element to penetrate the car is the sun and we cannot stress enough that dogs should not be left in vehicles. Our signs leave people in no doubt that this is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act & they could be prosecuted.”

The RSPCA is currently compiling a list of dog friendly places in the area which will be printed later in the year for dog owners.

“Overall we have had a very positive response from local businesses with just a couple of places being negative about our request,” said Kay. “The signs will be going up in Council car parks in the next few weeks and the park and ride.”

If you see a dog in distress you can call 999 or the RSPCA cruelty line on 0330 1234 999 or go to the RSPCA website.