Wallabies killed at Sewerby Hall zoo

Sewerby Hall
Sewerby Hall

FOUR of the five wallabies at Sewerby Hall’s zoo have been killed.

A fox is thought to be responsible for the killings, which all but wiped out the zoo’s collection of wallabies, according to East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

The only surviving wallaby has now been rehomed for its own safety.

A concerned visitor to the zoo, who wished to remain anonymous, said she did not believe a fox could have killed the wallabies – and had heard that a severed wallaby head had been found in the animal’s enclosure.

“I think it must have been a person,” she said.

“Wallabies are fairly large animals and I can’t see a fox wanting to take them on. I think it’s more likely that some cruel person is responsible.”

However, a spokesman for the council said all the evidence pointed towards a fox attack.

He said: “It is with great sadness that Sewerby Hall and Gardens has to confirm that four of its wallabies have died.

“Evidence suggests that a fox is responsible and Sewerby Hall and Gardens has had its fifth wallaby re-homed, the perimeter fencing checked and has secured the other animals at the zoo.

“Despite this tragic incident, Sewerby Hall and Gardens remains open for business and would encourage visitors to come along and enjoy what the venue has to offer.”