Vote for those worthy residents

Wendy Brayshaw who won the Honorary Citizen Award 2014
Wendy Brayshaw who won the Honorary Citizen Award 2014

It is that time of year again when worthy residents of Bridlington can be recognised and awarded an Honorary Citizens Award.

Is there anyone you consider is worthy of such an award and would you like to nominate them?

One person will be chosen from the nominations at a special meeting of all Councillors and decided on by a majority vote.

Honorary citizens will receive a framed certificate and plaque, with their name being recorded for posterity in a special book is kept in the Town Council offices.

Citizens are eligible based on the following criteria:

l That they have lived in Bridlington for at least five years;

l That they have a nominee and a seconder with five sponsors;

l That they have made an outstanding contribution to the town.

Four honorary citizens will be chosen in each four-year Council cycle.

The award is to be presented every March. Bridlington Town Council’s Honorary Citizen Working Group consists of Councillors Liam Dealtry, Terry Dixon, Shelagh Finlay, and Jacqueline Foster.

Contact the Bridlington Town Council or visit the Town Council’s website for application forms.

You can also go online to the address and the Honorary Citizen details are listed on the left hand side. To contact the office please ring 01262 409006 or write to Bridlington Town Council, 62 Quay Road, Bridlington, YO16 4HX.

The winner of last year’s Honorary Citizen award went to Wendy Brayshaw, who was nominated for her services to music within Bridlington.