Video: Rabbit Awareness Week in Driffield and Bridlington

Staff at Aldgate Veterinary Practice would like to invite clients, existing and new alike, to enter into the spirit of ‘Rabbit Awareness Week 2013’ by bringing their rabbit(s) for a free health consultation between the 7-10th May.

During Rabbit Awareness Week our vets will be happy to advise you in areas such as diet and health, husbandry and behaviour and common diseases and vaccinations. Clients will have the chance to discuss any concerns they may have regarding rabbit health and welfare.

NDTP -Rabbitt awareness week - Heather Allison and Samantha Dallos with "Mr. Carrotts"

NDTP -Rabbitt awareness week - Heather Allison and Samantha Dallos with "Mr. Carrotts"

Rabbits can be prone to health problems which can be challenging to treat, but can often be easily prevented. Disease such as Fly strike, Lice and mite infestations and protozoan infections are unfortunately common in pet rabbits. Our vets will be happy to advise on how best to prevent these diseases

Vaccinations are especially important to consider following an increase in the number of Myxomatosis cases seen by our vets. Myxomatosis is a viral disease which causes immense suffering in infected rabbits, and sadly often leads to death.

Most people are aware that rabbits can contract Myxomatosis by coming into contact with other rabbits, however the route of transmission via biting insects is less well known; mosquitoes, mites and fleas can all spread the virus.

Symptoms of myxomatosis initially include runny eyes and nose, swellings around the head and genitals; this is often associated with a high fever which causes inappetance and lethargy. Within days of infection these swellings can become so severe that they cause blindness. Unfortunately recovery from the disease is very rare and euthanasia is necessary to prevent suffering. We strongly recommend vaccination of rabbits against this disease.

Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) is another potentially fatal virus posing a threat to rabbits. VHD is contracted via direct contact with infected animals and biting insects, and also by contaminated objects such as feed bowls, hutches and bedding Symptoms can vary but include lethargy, fever, going off food, restlessness and bleeding. It is usually rapidly fatal.

Protecting your rabbit against these devastating viruses by vaccinating them really can be the difference between life and death. To give a helping hand to any client who opts for the combined Myxomatosis/VHD vaccine during their free consultation in RAW we are offering a 20% discount off the vaccine. To make your appointment between the 7-10th May please call us on 01377 252087 (Driffield) or 01262 677269 (Bridlington).