Video: Pedestrians open train barriers to cross tracks

Pedestrians who pulled open the barriers at a level crossing in Bridlington have been warned of the dangers.

At the level crossing on Quay Road yesterday (Thursday April 5), pedestrians were filmed pulling open the barriers to cross the railway track.

Video by Bev Ellis

Video by Bev Ellis

Network Rail confirmed a fault occurred to the barriers in a downward position at 6.40pm and remained this way until engineers were able to lift them 30 minutes later at 7.10pm.

A spokesperson for the British Transport Police said: "Walking across a level crossing when the barriers are in the down position is extremely dangerous.

"Whilst we understand the frustrations of these pedestrians, we would urge them to never put themselves in danger by jumping the barriers.

"Trains travel at incredibly high speed and can often approach silently. It is never worth the risk to misuse a level crossing."

Engineers were able to manually operate the barriers until 8.10pm when the fault was fixed.