VIDEO: Iron Man spotted in Bridlington - thanks to Fraser!

Trick or treaters in Bridlington thought they’d been visited by Hollywood royalty on Hallowe’en when they caught a glimpse of Iron Man patrolling the streets.

But it wasn’t superstar Robert Downey Jr who was dressed as the popular film and comic book superhero - but a 13-year-old Bridlington boy who made the intricate outfit himself.

13 year old Fraser Bennett made his own Iron Man costume for halloween'NBFP PA1344-7b

13 year old Fraser Bennett made his own Iron Man costume for halloween'NBFP PA1344-7b

Film fan Fraser Bennett, who goes to Bridlington School, spent three months on the costume which he made mostly from foam camping mats. He even soldered his own LED lights for Iron Man’s trademark chest piece and helmet.

Fraser said: “It took me about three months all in all. I saw Iron Man 3 in the summer and got the inspiration from that, got some templates off the internet, watched a few videos about how to put it together, and then started making it.

“It was difficult but it feels great that it’s finally finished.”

And despite his monumental effort in putting together the suit, it was his ten-year-old brother Spencer, who dressed as a zombie American Football player, who profited from a surfeit of sweets.

“I got loads of people shouting out ‘there’s Iron Man’ and wanting to have their picture taken with me. I’ve shown a few friends and put pictures on Instagram and had really good comments,” continued former Burlington pupil Fraser, who said his favourite lesson at school was technology.

“I had lots of help from my family, and it got a bit stressful at times. At one point I nearly gave up, but I’m glad I never.

“I’m not sure if I’ll do it next year, but if I do it’ll probably be Batman from The Dark Knight.”

Proud mum Tina said: “It was quite manic getting everything together, especially the night before, but worthwhile in the end. We needed spray paint and camping mats but, as always happens when you’re in a rush, everywhere in Brid had sold out. Thankfully a friend of ours had some that we could use.

“He has worked very hard.”