VIDEO: Humberside Police taser training day

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Since 2008 Humberside Police have used tasers when dealing with violence or dangerous situations and officers undergo a rigorous annual refresher course in how to handle the device.

The tasers used by the police discharge 50,000 volts in five-second cycles, and causes neuromuscular incapacitation which prevents the person it is used on from moving muscles in the body.

In the video, PS Gary Jackson of the operational support section uses a taser to incapacitate operations officer Rob Carver. PC Carver is wearing a padded suit to protect him from the full effect of the taser.

Taser is used not only to incapacitate, but also as a deterrent without actually being deployed.

On Wednesday 25 September the Free Press were invited along to a police taser training day to find out more about the device, and how it is used to keep our streets safe.

Read the feature in next week’s Free Press out on Thursday 3 October, and watch the video here of a taser deployment exercise.