VIDEO: Help for woman bitten by dog in Bridlington

A traumatic experience was quickly calmed by staff at a Bridlington cinema who took a woman to hospital who had been bitten by a dog.

Liz Bingham, 49, of Immingham has now expressed her thanks to staff at the Forum in Promenade who helped her on Saturday 13 July.

Liz Bingham and Pam Staples.

Liz Bingham and Pam Staples.

She had been enjoying a day out in Bridlington during a fortnight’s holiday in the resort when she was bitten by a Husky after accidentally running over its paw with a wheelchair her mother was using.

Bleeding from a wound on the middle finger of her right hand, Liz was taken in by staff at the Forum in Promenade, and given first aid.

“I was shaking and fighting back the tears, there was blood everywhere,” said Liz, who had been holidaying at Alderson House with her parents, and friend Pam Staples.

She said: “We asked some staff at the Forum where to go for first aid. It was bleeding everywhere and they just took over – they were just amazing.

“I can’t thank them enough because I didn’t know where to turn.”

Forum first aider Julie Casper sat Liz down and dressed the wound, before Forum manager Elaine Parker, arranged for her to be taken to Bridlington Hospital where she was treated with steristrips to prevent the wound becoming infected.

Liz , who had to have the ring cut off her injured finger at hospital, said: “I haven’t let it get me down and it wasn’t the dog’s fault, it was an accident.” Pam, who was with her friend when she was bitten, said: “We just wanted to say that Bridlington should be proud of its community.

“It should be known that Bridlington isn’t a bad place to come to.”