VIDEO: Dust busters give Bridlington’s streets a good clean

A tidy team has formed to tackle trash left littering the streets of Bridlington.

Brightening Up Bridlington, formed of members of various community groups including Bridlington Tourism Association, The Roots Project and youth club The Hangout, is a new project run in connection with Bridlington Town Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Brightening Up Bridlington team.

Brightening Up Bridlington team.

On the morning of Saturday 17 May 18 volunteers hit the streets in Bridlington to pick litter, sweep and generally spruce up the town centre.

Peter Wilson, chair of Brightening Up Bridlington, said: “If you ask people what the first thing they grumble about is it’s always: “My street has bits of rubbish on it”.

“If we all take responsibility for keeping Bridlington bright then Bridlington is going to look much better.

“From my perspective the worst streets seem to be the ones that are leading away from fast food outlets but the council is doing a great job keeping the town centre tidy.

“I would like people to feel better about our town because it is a wonderful place to live and visit.

“When people see individuals doing things for the town it makes everybody feel better.”

The litter picks will run once a month and Mr Wilson said all are welcome to attend.

Vicky Neilan, an East Riding Council community partnership coordinator, said the idea for Brightening Up Bridlington originally stemmed from a similar project run in Driffield, called Dusting Down Driffield.

“I personally think it is going to be a really good scheme and we will also have young people from Bridlington helping out,” said Vicky.

She said: “We at Bridlington Renaissance can only do so much, and we do a lot but we can only do a certain level, we can’t be everywhere at once. The group are also going to look at doing the stuff we can’t do.

“They are taking pride in their town and showing it off for what it can be.”

Following on from this first trial clean up event, the group is also asking for suggestions of other projects from the public, including business owners about how they can get involved.

To contact Brightening Up Birdlington email

The next event will be held on Saturday 21 June from 9am at Christ Church, Quay Road, Bridlington.