VIDEO: Costa Coffee opening ceremony in Bridlington

A brand new coffee shop has already enjoyed great popularity since it opened last weekend.

Costa Coffee, in King Street, Bridlington, threw open its doors to the public on Saturday 5 April at an official opening ceremony.

Official opening of Costa by the Mayor of Bridlington Terry Dixon with Town Crier David Hinde.

Official opening of Costa by the Mayor of Bridlington Terry Dixon with Town Crier David Hinde.

Present for the launch was Councillor Terry Dixon, Mayor of Bridlington and Town Crier David Hinde.

Coun Dixon said: “I will be going with my wife because she loves Costa and it is disabled friendly so I can take her there.

“I went into the shop on Saturday and it was a bit controversial to start with, but nevertheless it is absolutely beautiful. There were lots of people there.”

Madeline Bell, the manager at the King Street branch of the international coffee chain, has offered a prize for Coun Dixon’s charity raffle at this year’s Civic Dinner, and plans for the staff to get involved with various community projects.

The mayor added: “They are really interested in giving something back to the community so therefore Costa coffee has come a long way in my eyes.”

Prior to Costa’s arrival in Bridlington, the Free Press asked a selection of independent coffee shops for their opinion on whether a big brand name would pose a threat to their business.

The reaction was mixed, with some believing it would not have an affect and others of the opinion it would provide healthy competition.

Coun Dixon said: “Competition is supposed to be a good thing. From my point of view it is good for Bridlington and it is also good for the people of Bridlington. I think that is the most important thing.

“We want businesses to survive, that is the main thing. We are waiting for the AAP, we are waiting for Leisure World to open and the East Riding have got lots of plans waiting to happen.

“In the mean time the most important thing is that things are happening in Bridlington.”