Video: Coastguard releases footage of 'tombstoner' injured plunging into sea

North Landing, Flamborough - on a calm, sunny day
North Landing, Flamborough - on a calm, sunny day

Humber Coastguard is warning of the dangers of "tombstoning" after a youngster had to be rescued after jumping into the sea on Yorkshire's East Coast.

He was with a group of young men who were jumping in the water at North Landing, Flamborough, yesterday afternoon.

Fortunately he managed to scramble out onto a rock ledge and a friend called 999.

The Coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Humberside Airport, Bridlington Coastguard Rescue Team and the Flamborough RNLI inshore lifeboat were sent to the scene.

Bev Allen, HM Coastguard Controller based at Humber Coastguard Operations Centre (CGOC) said: “Jumping from piers, cliffs, rocks or other structures into the sea can be very dangerous - there's a reason we refer to it as tombstoning.

"On this occasion the man involved was very lucky that his mate knew to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. He did exactly the right thing.

"My team kept the caller on the line until the injured man was found. The man had managed to climb onto a rock ledge just above the waterline.

"The lifeboat crew were then able to recover him safely. Thankfully, despite his ordeal he had only suffered minor cuts and bruises.”